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Modern wedding photography has moved away from the purely traditional setups, and stilted way of controlling and photographing a wedding. Contemporary wedding photography aims to capture the spirit of the day – the mood and feel of everything surrounding the celebration as a couple are married. Couples now prefer a more photojournalistic approach – more story-telling, as the photographer looks for those moments which encapsulate the day.

There’s a variety of styles in wedding photography, from the traditional (where everything is arranged and posed), to the purely photojournalistic where the photographer barely interacts with the couple, and doesn’t control anything. I feel that as modern contemporary wedding photographers, our aim is somewhere in between – capturing those pure moments, but also making sure our couple gets the best possible images of the day.

I truly believe that at the heart of it, the most essential photograph of the day is a portrait of the bride and groom. It is all distilled in that one single image. A wedding is also a time when family and friends get together in a way that they only rarely do. So the task is on our shoulders to make sure we get family photographs, as well as wonderful portraits of the bride and groom. All of this relates to how we photograph the romantic portrait session with the bride and groom – we collaborate with them; and we direct them … all with the intention to give the bride and groom images that will be a wonderful memory of their wedding day.


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